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The road map to disengagement (14 02 2013)
Greece’s disengagement form the IMF with immediate repayment of our loans within the next three years, will certainly constitute eventually a strategic goal of the majority of political powers. This disengagement will exonerate Greece from the Fund’s supervision on the impl... »»
Letter to Guy Verhofstadt and Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit (13 02 2013)
Having read your manifesto entitled «for Europe» we wish – despite some differences at the margins – to declare our wholehearted support for your core idea, i.e. the battle for a federal Europe with a democratically legitimate and accountable central government; a federal Eur... »»
Our disengagement from the IMF (12 02 2013)
Many governmental and parliamentary members of PASOK have disagreed with the inclusion of the IMF in the country’s financial mechanism. According to my opinion, this mechanism should be entirely European. Germany, a power country that had initially been reluctant to form such a rescue mechanis... »»
 La Russia, l’Islanda, il Brasile, la Corea, la Lettonia e altri Paesi si sono svincolati dal FMI, saldando anticipatamente il proprio debito verso quest’ultimo”
ILDISIMPEGNO della Grecia dal Fondo Monetario Internazionale (FMI), con il rapido pagamento, entro un trie... »»
L' Unita (23 12 2012)
Professore di diritto costituzionale all’ università Panteion di Atene, cinquantasei anni Andreas Loverdos è considerato uno degli esponenti di spicco del Pasok. Nel governo guidato daJorgos Papandreou, dal 2009 al 2011, è stato nominato ministro del lavoro e della sanit&a... »»
ISTAME Meeting "The Europe we want", speech with special theme "The International role of E.U." (25 05 2009)

I greet the management of ISTAME for the organization of this meeting in the time leading up to the euro elections, and I thank you for the invitation. In exercising my duties as political spokesperson on foreign affairs for PASOK, I experience the developments o... »»
DIPLOMACY magazine, interview by Antonis Fourlis (05 05 2009)

Political spokesperson on foreign affairs for PASOK and member of the parliament for Athens 2nd district, Andreas Loverdos arrives to the conclusion that Greece enters a new era weakened and unprepared, while he blames the government that it did not reach any of its targets it put forward vi... »»
Greece – suggestions for changes in the system of economic government (09 03 2009)

My presentation concerns the changes needed in the system of economic government in Greece. That is, the point where the state meets the economy and the economy meets the state.

The change of the State has for decades been a target of the domestic political system, without, h... »»
Let’s link Greece to the Center of the European Union, "To VIMA", 06.02.2009 (13 02 2009)
The initiatives of the French Presidency during the war in South Ossetia, during the Israeli attack on Gaza as well as the attempt to face the economic crisis, send a long awaited message to the Greek citizens for the need of a continuous association to the center of a European Union... »»

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